Part mantra, part catchphrase, part excuse to draw lots of hats.

Serenity is a twenty-three year old writer from Los Angeles who happens to like doing a whole bunch of other things for fun (and, on occasion, profit). She is half-Canadian—and has the terribly photographed citizenship card to prove it—though she uses this perhaps less often than she should. She is also an avid Apple fan (and may have a bit of a Problem), and had the pleasure to work for the company as a part-time teacher in their Holyoke, Mass. retail store.

She studied experimental theatre, writing, and american history at Hampshire College. The first part of her Division III (thesis) project involved teaching a semester-long class in experimental theatre techniques including Commedia dell'Arte maskwork, Poor Theatre, Viewpoints, and introductory Suzuki. The second half involved directing, producing, and building a fully staged production of "Faust," an original play written by a local playwright based on the work of Goethe.

Currently, she spends her time writing and editing for Macworld, sketching and recording music for her online journal, and designing and implementing websites.

And roller skating, of course.

Twitter: settern